Burnout | Episode 18

Tired and fatigued Latin American man holding his face in his hands

As the stress of the ongoing pandemic mixes with other challenges like the nation’s racial reckoning, people are understandably feeling fatigued. In this episode, two therapists discuss the signs of burnout and offer tips for coping.

Episode Guests

therapist Robert Hinojosa

Robert Hinojosa, LCSW, CCM, is a clinical social worker and certified financial social worker. His private practice, Avidus Therapy, LLC, is based in central Arkansas, but he is currently only offering online sessions to clients.

Therapist Ivy Le

Ivy Le (M.A., LPC-S, RPT) has her own practice called Le Counseling Services, LLC. The Northwest Arkansas-based provider offers mental health services for all populations and different stages of life.

Antoinette Grajeda
Antoinette Grajeda

Antoinette Grajeda is an Arkansas-based journalist. She has covered race, culture, politics, health, education and the arts for NPR affiliates as well as print and digital publications since 2007.