We're on a mission to share, produce and support all forms of digital media for diverse audiences in Arkansas.

Arkansas Soul is a fresh, digital media platform geared toward BIPOC – primarily by BIPOC – in Arkansas. It is our mission to share the heart, soul and culture of the natural state – recovering the histories and underrepresented stories of diverse audiences in regional pockets throughout the state. 

Arkansas Soul wants to show the beauty, culture and power behind minority populations thriving. It’s time to both save and share our own stories in the best means possible: through the power and reach of digital media.



Connect with Black and Brown Voices.  This platform seeks to elevate and empower Black and Brown Arkansas voices through digital media channels by offering authentic and community-based content for minority audiences on a consistent basis. We also intend to provide a more efficient and modern way to connect with multiple generations of BIPOC across the state of Arkansas. 

Mentor and support emerging journalistic talent. We will offer media training, job opportunities and journalism/media scholarships for minority Arkansans who can pursue disruptive narratives that center the experiences and accomplishments of Black and Brown Arkansans. 

Elevate minority reporting to mainstream media. Through a supported network of diverse journalistic talent, we seek to gain digital influence with the power to overturn outdated and harmful narratives that focus primarily on the contributions, lives and viewpoints of the demographic majority.

We seek to fill in information gaps for newsrooms across the state, work on stories covering minority populations and inject minority-centered stories into the mainstream.

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