Trey Smith and Collin Mills


Robyn Jordan

Relationship Status: Engaged

When did yall meet: 2019

How do you identify? An entrepreneurial arts couple, icons individually and collectively, BIPOC, queer, cis-gender, well rounded, lovers of people and life, gunkles (fun gay uncles), proud dog dads of Goose

What’s your sign? Libra and Taurus

Where do you live? Bentonville, Arkansas

Where are you from? Fayetteville and Southeast Virginia

What brought you here/what makes you stay?
Trey: Besides the global pandemic, negating that, one thing that we discovered in dating and in getting engaged is that we have a passion for family and we didn’t think that was a realistic goal living in New York (to pursue a career in theatre). Another thing that is true about us that we did have to come to grips with is that we’re maximalists. The idea of a minimalist home to us sounds like maybe a Danish slave quarter and we don’t love that. So living in maybe like a shoe box in New York with like one half of a closet was just not going to cut it for us. 

Collin: Also at the point that we got engaged in 2021, we got a puppy(Goose) previously a few months before then and we were just like we can not have a dog in New York. He’s like a mid-size dog and we were just like ‘oh, we can not have a dog in New York.’

Trey: Goose is the reason that we not pursuing our dreams if you really want to know.

Collin: Trey was like if we get a dog we are not breaking up. Trey: Oh because he was hounding this dog like early on, he was like ‘So we’re getting a dog’ I was like “Okay well if we get a dog, know that that is it for us. It’s not reasonable otherwise and decent people don’t do that so if you want to stay with me forever, let’s get a dog but if you got any questions then we are not getting a dog…. So we went ahead and got a dog Collin: And then got engaged like two months later.