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A Constellation on LIFE: Reimagine Arkansas partners with NWACC students in the Life Program

Illustration of a man with identifying words on his face
By Niketa Reed

“The LIFE mentors provided me with the opportunity to view people like me in positions of being role models that I didn’t think were imaginable and doing things that I didn’t think I would be able to do. And so it really taught me the importance of representation. And it’s just honestly been a life-changing experience that I think is incredibly valuable. And it’s essential to the Northwest Arkansas Community.”

– Marco, former NWACC LIFE Legacy Mentor


In their latest kit, @reimaginearkansas Reimagine Arkansas partnered up with @nwacc Life Program to find out how a mentorship program for underrepresented high school students in Northwest Arkansas has become a blueprint for belonging, opportunity and success in their region.

LIFE was established in 2012 as a mentorship program to connect and support area high school students who may or may not be considering college after graduation. From the Original Eight to an alumni network of nearly 80 mentors today, the program has sought to answer commonly asked questions from students who feel lost in the college process and need purpose and direction  LIFE centers NWACC students as leaders that can represent the identities and experiences of underrepresented students and walk them through everything ☊, showing them that the future is theirs.

Listen to the voices of young, Latinx/o students and professionals for yourself as they share their stories.