Allen “Al Nicx” Nickerson


Robyn Jordan

How do you identify?
I’m a no-label person, an alien

What’s your sign?
April | Aries

Where do you live?
Rogers, Arkansas

Where are you from?
Lake Charles, Louisiana, the 337

What brought you to Arkansas?
Had family trying to get a better life for themselves. My aunt was moving her family this way and I was visiting here for the summer and as I was here,  the hurricanes were going on in Louisiana 18 years ago. From that point, I wasn’t a part of the hurricane but at the same time, I was because that’s where my home was so my mom just decided to move us up here. Fortunately, I was already here and my mom wanted me to have a better lifestyle, have better representation, and just overall community so we decided to migrate up this way with my aunt and my grandmother and that’s when my journey here began. I was 13 and a half years old and I’ve been here for 18 years off and on. 

What makes you stay?
It’s something about this area that’s very spiritual in a way. From the mountains and the native people who have been here, I just feel it has a unique natural feeling about this place. It’s very homey, friendly, and sociable and it’s a place where you can definitely raise your family I feel like. My hometown had a higher crime rate so coming here, you can feel the energy here. It’s open for culture, it’s open for new things. So why not stay here? Plus, while I’ve been here the people I know here have become extended family to me and my supporters. It’s growing so why not be the pioneer? I feel like I’ve really found my tribe here and that’s why I stay. 

What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about healing and being an overall breath of fresh air for anyone. I want to be understanding, I want to be considerate, I want to be respectful and respected. I think my overall purpose is to share light in any way and I think I do that with my personality and my talents. Dancing, singing, fashion, I think I represent light and naturality at it’s best. I’m breaking generational curses and I’m becoming a generational king so I also think my purpose is to do the groundwork for the next generation of my family and bloodline to continue what we started; our legacy.

What’s your favorite thing about your partner?
It’s everything. We click instead of clash. We’re equally yoked, we’re one and one and we’re actually opposite and we need that balance. I’m a little more fiery and he’s more earthy and he knows how to balance me in all my areas and that’s a must for me. Especially to be with someone for seven years, you have to know how to handle me in all the seasons, in all elements, and all my sides.

I really feel like he’s my activation or my potion that unleashes my Super Saiyan. My other favorite thing is his heart and his smile. When you look into his eyes and his heart and smile, he doesn’t say very much and he don’t have to. Showing that love is better to me. I’ve been told about love, but he has shown me love spiritually, physically, emotionally, and just all the way around. I also love his culture too. Him being a minority like all of us, it helps with us understanding where things begin and start if you know what I mean.

What do people think about you that isn’t true?
People think that we are friends. It’s not their fault, we’re private people and it’s not for everybody. Our love is for us and you have to learn to protect that and set boundaries. The world that we’re in is not so nice all the time but they have moments and I’d just like to keep my sanity and my peace. I also think that people see us as unqualified or a weakness because we don’t put ourselves in a label or a box for them to have access to whatever they think we are. We don’t use [labels, how we identify] as a crutch, we use labels as a way to celebrate our cultures. 

What advice would you give other couples to maintain a healthy relationship?
Find yourself first and if you’re already in a relationship with a person, find yourself in your relationship. Be yourself in your relationship, don’t hide any of yourself or any of your layers from your partner because it’s not fair. They need to be able to know who you are and who they are living their life with and sharing their journey with. Be patient with yourself, be patient with your partner, be devoted but also set boundaries for yourself.

What’s your dream for you two?
To be more successful together and individually, I want have a big family and different businesses with my partner and help the community and the world the best way that I can for the future.