NWA Black Business Expo continues to break barriers in Northwest Community

Alvin Singh

When it comes to making something out of nothing, Black entrepreneurship is one of the top examples of this phrase. So creating a business expo that showcases local Black-owned businesses and provides a marketplace for community supporters is not an easy venture. So Black-Owned NWA and Blackground Agency took on the challenge and hosted another Black Business Expo on August 20th at Theater Squared with over 1500+ attendees and 60 vendors opened to the public.

This was actually the second event this year and is proof that there is a thriving BIPOC community of entrepreneurship and its supporters. This was one of the many great events that took place for Black August and especially celebrating National Black Business Month.

Here are a few reasons why having a Black Business Expo matters:

-Although Black people have nearly $1 trillion in gross national income, only 2 percent is reinvested into Black communities.

-Currently, a dollar circulates six hours in an African American community, compared to 20 days in a Jewish community and 30 days in an Asian community.

-To have higher money circulation, Black communities need to reinvest their money into Black businesses.