Hearne Fine Art: Shedding Light on African America Artists


An inside look of the Hearne Bookshop

“Art is not a luxury as many people might think. It is a necessity. It documents history. It helps to educate people and store knowledge for generations to come.” Samella Lewis, PhD

The mission of the Hearne Fine Art in Little Rock is to shed light on African America artists and writers.

When arriving at Hearne’s Fine Art, books stretch from left to right. Books range from conversations about African American Art to outstanding literature by James Baldwin. Art mediums can range from textile to photography. The gallery features beautiful works by Frank Frazier and Kevin Cole. In the Fine Art Gallery works include pieces by Arkansas natives and upcoming Arkansas artists.


C.J Duvall Jr. Author of “It’s Easy To Talk Justice”

C.J Duvall’s life has revolved around storytelling. Duvall believes that life’s investigation is the ultimate way to form a story. “Investigation and journey is key to who you become later,” he said. His book, “It’s Easy To Talk Justice” is featured in Hearne’s book collection. This book focuses on a woman battling in a case between Hidson and Philander Smith College. Duvall provides an insight on how hard it is to seek justice when in the public eye and while fighting with a well known Institution.

Within the world Duvall believes in seeking out diversity to create stories: “Diversity is the interaction with people in all areas of life.”

Hearne Fine Art. Location: 1001 Wright Ave, Little Rock, AR 72206


This article was written by 2019 Arkansas Soul Summer Writing Camp participant Ashia Shelton.