IX: A Story About the Law of Non-Discrimination (Full Video)

Raven Cook interviews Denzel Jenkins at the film premiere.
Denzel Jenkins, interviewed by Raven Cook, at his 2019 premiere of IX in Fayetteville.

This powerful documentary describes the history of how Title IX evolved to where it is today and its impact on universities in the United States. Strong-willed individuals sought change in the late 1960s and 1970s to prevent gender discrimination in education, thus beginning the creation of the law and making it a powerful tool for women’s rights.

As Title IX expanded its reach, universities have been shaped by gender discrimination in athletics, sexual assault, harassment and rape. This project outlines the evolution of Title IX through research based on documentation of events and personal stories from the 1960s to now. This project seeks to dissect Title IX’s struggles of today, with the hopes of bringing understanding and possible ideas to the viewers that can spark a change within the culture of college campuses. of Title IX, the key civil rights law aimed at providing gender equity on college campuses.

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