The African American History Museum in El Dorado you need to know about

Did you know there is an African American history museum in El Dorado, Arkansas?

If you have ever driven through Union County, Arkansas in the small city of El Dorado (18,800 population) you may see a small brick building on Grove Street that appears to be vacant but inside is a treasure of history and some of the most fascinating stories never told.

Nile & Marzell Smith Museum of African American History Facebook Page:

The museum has old artifacts, furniture, books, and projectors from the Booker T. Washing High School a school once designated for black students and commemorates local heroes.

Such as Willie Frazier who was a tight end for the San Diego Chargers. Another NFL player, Thurman Walker played with the Green Bay Packers as well.

Marlon Greene was the first African American pilot hired by a commercial passenger airline carrier. These are just a few of the students from Booker T. Washington High School that left and accomplished great things.

“This museum is a part of helping us recall and remember and for some introduce the life memories and legacy of a community from which we live now,” Museum co-founder Ralph Smith said.

Smith and his brother Brian are the founders on a mission to make sure to preserve local history and memories. Their parents, Nile and Marzell, were both educators at Booker T. Washington High School.

If you would like to tour the museum, you contact 213-909-8246.