Serena Puang
Serena Puang

Serena is a freelance journalist who writes about accessibility, culture, language, education, and the ways they intersect. Her work has appeared in the New York Times and Teen Vogue, and she writes regularly for the Yale Daily News and the Yale Logos. You can find her work and personal blog at

Ayana Gray

From her home in Little Rock, Ayana Gray finishes her Beasts of Prey trilogy, her New York Times Bestselling pan-African fantasy series inspired by her time at the University of Arkansas.

close up of a salad noodle dish

Hidden Menu Items

“What is Chinese American food?” Serena Puang wonders in this essay surveying the “fauxthentic” Asian cuisine in Northwest Arkansas. What makes something Chinese American enough?

Featuring Jordan Johnson in three different profile photos

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson (AKA @‌jakobejay on Instagram/TikTok) dreamed of doing make-up. Now, he wants to be the face of multiple brands and spearhead the representation he wishes he could have had growing up.

Terence Lee and a student pose with their fists up.

Terence Lee

Sam’s Club buyer by day, martial arts instructor by night: Terence Lee is cultivating the traditional spirit of martial arts in Bentonville