Affirmative Action Podcast 2021 Year in Review

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In 2021, our Affirmative Action podcast served as a platform for Arkansans from around the state to discuss a variety of topics ranging from hate crimes to menstrual equity to mental health. Catch up on all 12 episodes before the next episode drops in the new year.

Episode 6: The Resiliency of Educators

Arkansas teachers are continuing to learn new platforms and adapt to teaching remotely amid the pandemic. In this episode, we talk to three educators about how they are adjusting their teaching methods.

Black History Month

Episode 7: Black History

Black History Month is celebrated each February, but in this episode we hear from three African American women working in the field of history who say it’s important to celebrate Black history year-round.

Episode 8: Hate Crimes Legislation

Arkansas lawmakers have approved a stand your ground law. In this episode, we discuss the impact it could have on minorities and the possibility of legislators approving a hate crimes bill.

Episode 9: Stop Asian Hate

Hate crimes against Asian Americans increased by 150 percent in 2020. In this episode, we hear how these attacks have prompted Arkansans to take action in support of the state’s AAPI community.

BIPOC children reading at a library

Episode 10: Multicultural Librarians

Multicultural librarians and community liaisons are connecting communities of color with their local public libraries. In this episode, we talk to four Arkansans about their efforts to educate minorities about resources available at their library.

Gun silhouette and blue smoke

Episode 11: Derek Olivier Research Institute

The leading cause of death among Black males ages 1 to 44 is homicide. In this episode, we learn about the Derek Olivier Research Institute for the Prevention of Violence, which was established in 2016 to create awareness and seek solutions to violence against African American males.

Episode 12: Transgender Pride

Much attention has been paid to anti-trans legislation this year, but the transgender community is more than the struggles they face. In this episode, we speak with two Latinas about their experiences as members of Arkansas’ transgender community.

Black woman sits on a couch while speaking to her therapist

Episode 13: The Power of No

When gymnast Simone Biles stepped back from Olympic competition, she put a spotlight on the importance of mental health. In this episode, we continue the conversation surrounding mental health among athletes and the Black community by speaking with three African American counselors.

Protester holding sign saying Dreamers are American

Episode 14: DACAmented Professionals

For years, DACA recipients in Arkansas could not obtain occupational licenses because of their immigration status. New laws have changed that. In this episode, two students discuss how this legislation impacts their career paths as the future of DACA remains uncertain.

bag of tampons and pads

Episode 15: Menstrual Equity

A new study found 1 in 5 first-generation college students have experienced period poverty. In this episode, we hear from three Black women who are making strides in menstrual equity through legislation, donations and product development.

Black woman with "My Vote Counts" stickers on her fingers

Episode 16: Voter Registration

In 2020, Arkansas had the lowest voter turnout in the country. Organizations across the state are working to change that by engaging voters. In this episode, we talk with three BIPOC organizers who are educating and registering voters across the state.

Black woman using her camera to film herself speaking in a microphone

Episode 17: Going Viral (In a Good Way)

After making it to the end of another crazy year, we’ve decided to once again focus on some positive things that happened in 2021. In this episode, we speak with two African American women who are using TikTok to educate and uplift their communities.